faking fall

In case you were curious, going to the DMV is terrible. This is me being unimpressed with how long I had to wait for my inspection.


On the plus side, it cost less than I anticipated (of course, it was still expensive) and now I don’t have to live in fear of getting a $500 fine for not having my car registered in Arizona. Once I can figure out how to blur all of my personal information I will post my drivers license picture. It’s not bad, although my hair is doing something weird. Stupid Phoenix DMV and their lack of a mirror…

To cheer myself up I hit up my favorite Phoenix grocery store, Sprouts. Think Trader Joes but a little more local. Since today is the first day of fall (despite the fact that it is still 100 degrees out, really) I decided to load up on some of my fall favorites- butternut squash, acorn squash, sweet potatoes, weird new squash that was on sale, spaghetti squash, and apples! I have wanted to make chili since I saw this recipe (http://delicioustv.com/2007/05/pumpkin-and-bulgur-chili/) on Meghann (Inner Workings of a College Grad)’s blog. I substituted butternut squash for the pumpkin and quinoa for the bulgur and I tossed in a few extras that I had lying around (chick peas and baby corn). SO GOOD! Almost makes me feel like I’m getting ready to jump into a pile of leaves (way less painful than jumping into a pile of cacti). Plus it made enough to freeze so I have a quick, easy, delicious meal ready to go for the rest of the week!


I added a smidge of mozzarella and scooped it up with a tortilla I baked in the oven.


Now it’s time for me to put my feet up and watch The Biggest Loser while eating my pumpkin ice cream. Don’t tell Jillian.

(Oh yeah, I got a great 4 mile run in and an extra 20 minutes on the elliptical and even Jillian got a little love too and I did about 15 minutes of strength training. Go me!)

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