quickie thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

John and I got up to do a Turkey Trot. I did the 10K and he did the 5K. He crouched down to get this picture with me before the race.

Then we were off! I was feeling pretty good, wasn’t out to set any records, but I wanted to do alright. I got this shot during the race.

And before i knew it (well, after my long runs, 6.2 doesn’t seem too bad) I was done! I finished in 51:03. Not too shabby!

A much sweatier couple.

Oh, and we ran into one of my coworkers.

Oooooh yeah.

Now we are off to get ready for the big meal! Have a great Thanksgiving everyone!


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6 responses to “quickie thanksgiving!

  1. Nice time! You look great, nice socks too on the coworker. haha i think those are the ones you were telling me about!

    ive been a slave in the kitch and am going out for a gentle desert ridge 2-3 mile trot of my own right now. ahhh. peace and freakin quiet. 🙂

    Good luck at the big TG celebration…..I want details later!

  2. Oh, how fun! Great job on the race–and it’s so funny to see pics of the scenery when I’m back here in Michigan. I totally recognize it, but it’s weird cause I’m so far away right now. I hope you have a fabulous thanksgiving!

  3. Great job on the race! Your coworker looks like a funny guy – is he?

  4. Yay, great job! I seriously want to run my next race in the green socks your coworker is wearing haha

  5. Congrats on the race Mad!!

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