now that’s what I call a weekend

Hi there bloggy friends! My day is currently looking a little like this

(Yep, football playoff time) Because my jam packed with wonderful weekend has left me a little bit pooped!

After I left you guys yesterday John and I went to go see Avatar and I LOVED IT. Beyond the truly amazing graphics and animation (I saw it in 3D), I truly loved the story. We decided it was a cross of Fern Gully and Dances with Wolves. After the movie we were starving (it is 3 hours long after all!) so it was time to get our Mexican food on. We stopped at a place that has just opened near my house and while I wasn’t expecting too much, it was actually pretty good! I had a veggie wrap with a side of black beans.

Grilled veggies and guac with a little bit of pepper jack cheese wrapped in a spinach tortilla. Perfect Maddie meal.

This morning John and I decided we wanted to go hiking, but clearly first we had food on the brain. John is on this crazy eating plan where he eats 7 egg whites every morning and 7 every evening (he has worked really hard in the past year to put on about 30 pounds of muscle). I caught him scrambling them up.

Clearly he loves having his picture taken at 7am. I made us matching bowls of oats.

Oh Costco berries, I will never doubt my need for you again.

After we were done we decided to head over to Camelback Mountain, which is definitely one of my favorite hikes in Phoenix (yep, it’s a pretty good climb right in the middle of the city).

John was very excited to be back. The views are incredible.

We could even see snow topped mountains in the distance!

But some of the views were much more Phoenix like

Since it was a Sunday there were lots of people out, but the sun was shining, everything was green because of the recent rain, and everyone seemed to have a smile on their face! We scrambled for awhile

But we made it to the top in one piece

My favorite thing about the top of the climb was all the people on their cell phones

Going down was a little harder because all of the rain left the rocks a little slick. We still stopped so I could take a sassy picture

I was starting to regret my choice of pants at this point! It was in the 40s when we left but the sun was high and shining strong by the time we were on our way down!

Before we left that morning we had prepped some of Jessica’s Whole Wheat Dough. It was close to 2 by the time we finally got home after stopping to pick up a couple of things so we were feeling the hunger! Luckily, the dough looked great

We were ready to rock. I had a couple of basil chicken sausages from Sprouts so we sauteed a couple of those up with some onions, pepper, and garlic. All of those went on top of a little bit of sauce (for me) and a crap ton of sauce (for John).

Can you tell which half is mine? After I snapped this picture I put some spinach and a smidge of mozzarella on mine part. It came out of the oven looking like this

John was pretty pumped. My stomach was too

Really freaking delicious doesn’t even begin to describe it! Jessica’s dough is GENIUS! I think next time we might bake the crust for a couple minutes because we both like a crispier crust, but the flavor is amazing! Hours later I am still stuffed and I’m thinking dinner is going to be something light and salad like…

Now it is time for me to get my football on while I fold laundry! Woooooo! Have a great night all!


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12 responses to “now that’s what I call a weekend

  1. What a beautiful hike!!! And a glorious looking pizza๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Such pretty pics from your hike! One of my favorite vacations ever was a spring break trip to the Grand Canyon where we hiked down to the Colorado River. Truly breathtaking views. And I might have to check out Jessica’s dough now!

  3. That is a beautiful place to be able to hike!! Wow!!

    I adore Mexican food – probably more than any other type of cuisine.

  4. OMG this is the longest post i think you’ve ever done…I think Im rubbing off on you.

    The hike. Wow. Serioulsy, I would love to go with you! I think that in late Feb (yes a month off) after my yoga teacher training is done and my weekend days are done being so spoken for, I’d love to join you (and john too if he wants to come) on a hike! You need to take me to all these great spots. OMG this could make me like Phoenix…at least for a bit๐Ÿ™‚

    Glorious pics!!!!!!!!

    And the pizza & Jessica’s recipe…you rocked it. Holy crap. NICE job!

    Thursday, have it booked. what time in the a.m. at our usual?

  5. BEAUTIFUL pics.. love the scenery. That wrap and pizza crust?? YUM.. everything looks fabulous!๐Ÿ™‚

  6. ha! That EXACTLY what pizza looks like when I make it for Dustin and me, too! You are seriously killing me with all this warm weather, though! But I am headed to Phoenix in a few weeks for work, and I can’t WAIT for the heat๐Ÿ™‚ xoxo

  7. frogsandmen

    wow, great pizza….i’ve never seen it look so healthy. beautiful photos too!

    a bientot!
    the paris food blague

  8. Half and half pizzas are the BEST!

    I’m so jealous of the hiking. We went “hiking” a few weeks ago, but since Florida is flat it was more like walking in dirt.

  9. Your pizza looks great. I have been craving some but haven’t had the time to make the dough maybe next weekend.

  10. Those are fabulous photos! What wonderful scenery. Looks so much better than what was outside my window today LOL!

  11. Hahahaha I don’t even know John- and I get the same feelings from his pictures that he LIKES having his picture taken. ..๐Ÿ™‚๐Ÿ™‚

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