uber stranded/making the best of it

Okay, so remember how I was stranded? Well now I am here until FRIDAY! Holy smokes. After a minor freakout I decided to breathe, call work, figure it out, and lace up my running shoes. Of course, this morning it was sunny and beautiful here in NYC (REALLY Southwest?!) so I was pretty pumped about a run on the Hudson River Trail.

So beautiful! Of course, there were some crazy icebergs in the river too.

I spy the Statue of Liberty! I ran a wonderful 6 miles in about a 8:30 pace. I took my time, brought my camera, and loved every second of it. I also got to wear my sweet glove mitten dealies.

The mitten flap tucks in the back of the glove! How cool is that?

After my run I met up with my amazing friend Jes from my second Bike and Build trip. Can you believe that I was so excited about what we ate for lunch and seeing her that I didn’t take any pictures of us together! Here’s what we looked like on our cross country cycling trip.

We ended up at Max Brenner’s, which Morgan actually suggested this morning! Check out that sweets menu! We both wanted to eat “real” lunch too, and we ended up getting paninis.

Tomato, mozz, and basil. Of course, the waffle fries didn’t hurt either.

You better believe we ordered desert! We decided to share the chocolate eggrolls (complete with peanuts and banana)

Holy freaking smokes. These were insane. We each had 1.5 and moaned through every bite. There was also chocolate and caramel dipping sauce.

Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhhh. During lunch I got the call from Southwest that I won’t be getting out of here until Friday, so Jes and I made plans to meet up either tomorrow or Thursday! So good to see you lady!

After lunch I stopped at the grocery store to gear up for the storm of the century. There were SO many people there! I grabbed my essentials (of course, these are Madeline essentials which meant sweet potatoes, yogurt, and brussel sprouts) and then headed back to my bro’s apartment for a nap! After my napski I worked on a couple of things, read a little, and decided that it was time for dinner. Since I went a smidge overboard on lunch today I kept things pretty light.

Marshall does not have a functioning oven, so I needed to limit myself to the microwave and stove top! Sweet potato topped with sauteed brussels was just what the doctor ordered.

Oh, and check out what my new haircut looks like when it isn’t professionally styled!

Hey there no makeup face! I am really loving my new do!

Okay my friends, I will be holed up here watching the Biggest Loser and fending off the snow! Michaela doesn’t have work tomorrow due to the storm so if the trains are running we have big plans for a romp in the snow.

Have a great night everyone!


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20 responses to “uber stranded/making the best of it

  1. Holy crap girl. I have been out and running around all day and you saw the Press meetup. I miss you🙂 but anyway your hair. Very cute!!!!!!!

    The flight situation. Very not cute. At all. Good thing you’re single without a kid so to speak and no one truly “needs you”. This is always my fear w/ scott and his trips. Well, I hope for your sake that you make it back home safe and sound. Dear lord. Travel sucks anyway when it goes smoothly, let alone when there are (major!) kinks.

    Hang in there! 🙂

  2. and p.s. there seems to be better food on a dirty street corner in NYC than in the “nicest” restaurant in most other towns, i.e. the chocolate eggrolls (complete with peanuts and banana)

  3. Your hair cut is totally cute! Way to make the best of being stranded.
    *Check out the week of giveaways on monicaonthego.com*

  4. fitandfortysomething

    holy cow you are stranded! that lunch looks to DIE for…..gosh the food in new york-lucky!

  5. Glad you’re making the most of your stranded status! Enjoy your time in the city🙂

  6. Wow, didn’t you say you wanted to say in NYC? Obviously the storm gods heard you!

    That food looks delicious. I always forget how amazing NYC food is until I see it on blogs. If you get delayed until Sunday and then decide to go to Boston, you could be on my flight to Phoenix on Sunday morning haha

  7. That looks like the coolest restaurant ever! I love the serving platter that the paninis come on, and and love that they have chocolate banana eggrolls!! So cool!

  8. Girl, you look HOT and cUTE! If that’s even possible together! Wow!🙂

    And boy oh boy do I love the look of that panini…I adore sandwiches, esp grilled like that.

  9. Danielle

    I’m sorry you’re stuck, but what an awesome place to be stuck at! It looks like you’re having a lot of fun

    Your new hair cut is cute! And you really don’t need makeup

  10. chocolate egg rolls!!!!! my teeth hurt just thinking about them but my tummy is aching, ACHING for a try.

  11. I think I have told you before, you are BEAUTIFUL! Oh and… waffle fries are amazing!

  12. You had me at chocolate egg roll.

    Sorry you’re stranded, but enjoy the extra time in the city!

  13. Sorry about the flight woes, but it seems like you are making the best of it in NYC! I loved reading your delicious food recaps! I have so many new places I want to try out now! Those chocolate egg rolls from Max Brenner look amazing. OMG. Next time you’re in town – let me know! We can meet up for running/eats🙂

  14. The food looks amazing! I have had enough of the snow here….in Columbus, Ohio. I’m ready for spring!! Love the blog🙂


    and please bring me back some of those eggrolls…please?

  16. OMG this food is to die for!! that mozz and tomato sandwich sounds FANTASTICCCC I want to take a big ole bite of that right now🙂

    enjoy your vacation girl!

  17. Well, this is a good place to be stranded if I do say so myself.😉

    I love that run, its quiet, scenic and flat.

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  19. Aw an outdoor run sounds perfect! So beautiful.
    Doesn’t like with no oven suck?? But I’m sure those sauteed brussels were the perfect companion to the microwaved sweet potato.

    Yay for NYC foodie pics! The lunch looks amazing and hell to the yes for chocolate egg rolls. YUM.

    I’m eye-ing those pickles, I want them!

  20. jes

    It was so good to see you. Sorry you got stranded but thrilled that meant reunion🙂 The blog is greatness, fun to follow your life and meals. haha

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