we oughta take it easy

I’ve been letting the sound of my own wheels make me CRAZY today! After leaving Averie and Skylar, I had to stop by my apartment office to make sure I’m good to stay another month (my lease was officially up at the end of February, so I had to add an extra month) and when I checked my mail I had a letter from the Arizona DMV saying that I needed to have insurance with an Arizona based insurance company by TOMORROW or my registration would be suspended. Now, call me crazy, but why didn’t they tell me this when I got my car registered in SEPTEMBER? So here is how my day went from there

  • spent 30 minutes on the phone with the DMV, another hour on the phone with my Kansas State Farm insurance people and my new Arizona State Farm agent
  • took all of this info down to the Phoenix DMV, which is apparently where all of the best people in the world hang out. The smell of cigarette smoke was so incredibly strong in there that I thought I was going to throw up!
  • After waiting for an hour I spent 30 seconds with the lady getting everything taken care of. All of that work for 30 seconds.
  • I was also trying to get an outside hill workout in this afternoon, but by the time everything was said and done I had to hit the treadmill.
  • Got out of the car to head inside to the gym (I had gone to the DMV in my running clothes in hopes that I would be in and out of there without a hitch. I try to be optimistic!), quickly realized I locked my keys in the car. Resist urge to scream. Try to be thankful that I was close to my apartment.
  • Run to my apartment to get extra keys. Grab banana because I’m starving.
  • Run back to gym.
  • Hop on treadmill. Quickly realize that banana was a bad choice and now have side cramps.
  • 6 miserable miles at 3 and 4 incline later, I’m done. Person on treadmill next to me said it looked like I was having a bad day. Resist urge to hit the stop button on his machine.
  • Head back to apartment and thank God that I am friends with Averie who makes balls with lots of rum in them.

Things can’t go wrong after eating these, right? (BTW, these are out of this world. Make them. Right now. Do it.) I felt like I was on spring break in South Padre drinking a rum and Coke

Spring Break in Padre with 7 girls also means kings with Margaritas and frosting straight from the jar. So Averie’s balls were margaritas and frosting straight from the jar while on the beach good (that’s REALLY good).

After all of this it was time to make dinner. I was going to make something elaborate because I had the time to, but I decided in light of my sub-par day, I should just make exactly what I wanted.

Peanut butter banana cumin apple pancakes. Yes, I said cumin. Because the Universe had to deal me one more blow today.

Stupid identical looking jars! You want to know the weird thing? These turned out REALLY good. As soon as I realized my dumb mistake I tasted the batter and thought, “lets just roll with it.” Indian food uses peanuts, cumin, and cinnamon together all of the time, so they have to be on to something, right? Well, these pancakes totally rocked my world. Thank you Universe.

Now before anything else can go wrong, I am going to put on my pajamas, turn on the Olympics, and sit on my hands the rest of the evening. Have a great night everyone!


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12 responses to “we oughta take it easy

  1. Wowza, what a day. GOod for you for still sticking out your dreadmill run and I had to laugh about the pancakes. Can’t believe they were still yummy! Yay.

  2. Ohhh, so sorry that you had a rough day😦

    Tomorrow is a new day!

  3. Oh my! What a Tuesday! I am loving the accidental cumin pancakes.

    One time my hubby sprinkled cinnamon into our mashed potatoes instead of the little bit of nutmeg I told him to sprinkle in. LOL … life happens!

  4. Whoa! Indian-spiced pancakes! nice! Even though it was a mistake…it turned out to be a yummy one!
    hope tomorrow fares better!

  5. how interesting about the cumin!

  6. girl the dmv is totally whack here. basically i had a similar instance bringing my car in from CA. It was holy hell and THREE trips to the DMV with Skylar in tow in early sept, 115F in and out, 3 days, 3 trips, i wanted to die!

    South Padre and rum balls, here I come🙂 Glad you liked them!

    And the cumin. Oh god, i woulda had to dump the batch. I love cumin but not in that application🙂 Girl, hang in there!!!!!!

  7. Sorry you had a challenging day! Hopefully Wednesday is a much better day for you.

  8. fitandfortysomething

    Does it is feel like sometimes it “is always something” meaning there is always something you need to deal with and it takes forever? ugh hate it! dmv is awful…….
    at least you had the balls!

  9. Yikes what a day!! My mom accidently sprinkled dessert with cornstarch instead of powdered sugar!

  10. Margie Bear

    You mean you felt like you were on spring break drinking (er…funneling dc and vodka)?


    those were the good ole days.

    and dont forget to mention our estonian friend walter

  11. haha…i did the exact same thing a couple months ago and used cumin instead of cinnamon. unfortunately, mind did NOT turn out that well🙂

    hang in there girl – i always like to think that if a bunch of annoying, bad things happen, then you are definitely in store for good things to come. love you!

  12. Ahh, like Holly, I have also mistaken cumin for cinnamon. I sprinkled a hefty dose of cumin over my overnight peach oats before realizing my mistake. It actually turned out decently! I used a combo of cinnamon and cumin in my sweet potato stew the other night – those flavors somehow always work together🙂

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