did someone say “giveaway?”

That’s right folks! Nothing brightens up a Tuesday like a giveaway! I was contacted by the lovely folks at CSN about hosting a giveaway and I had a blast going through their websites because they offer everything from tv stands to chandeliers and so many kitchen items it made my little heart dance! As soon as I got a glimpse of this little number, I knew it was a winner.

The Bodum Kenya Tea Press is way too cute not to have!

I am a bit of a tea fanatic. I have a tea drawer

and two teapots

…but no tea press! I’ve recently fallen in love with loose leaf tea and since I know from first hand experience what a rocking coffee press Bodum makes I can only assume their tea presses are just as fantastic (and adorable).

So now you are thinking “Madeline!!!! I have to have this! What do I need to do?!” To enter to win this beauty you can

  • leave me a comment telling me your favorite kind of tea
  • check out cookware.com and leave me a comment with your kitchen wishlist
  • link back to this giveaway on your blog and let me know that you did!

I’ll pick a winner on Friday morning! Make it a great day everyone!


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49 responses to “did someone say “giveaway?”

  1. I want a George Foreman or a Bodum French Press!

  2. My favorite tea is Pomegranate superfruit tea. I can’t think of the brand off the top of my head.

  3. I love that tea press!! I almost picked the same thing for my giveaway!

    My favorite tea is green tea. Although peppermint is also lovely🙂

  4. Jessica

    I definitely could use that tea press! How adorable! I love a good chai tea.

  5. Jessica

    My wishlist includes le creuset cookware and a new food processor.

  6. gosh, its so hard to pick a fave. it totally changes with the seasons, ya know? at the moment, i am enjoying me some green tea + emergen-c as well as peppermint tea! yay for a giveaway!

  7. I love tea. The most comforting to me is a classic English breakfast with a little sweetener and milk.

  8. Wish list:
    KitchenAid Mixer. For some reason, this is the quintessential wedding gift. I have yet to buy one for myself.
    Also on the list, a grill pan. I currently live in a studio apartment and love grilled food.

  9. Tazo Rest is my favorite tea, by far!

  10. Oh, Paula Dean’s rolling pin would be on my list. Think of all the pie crust that could roll

  11. Danielle

    My favorite kind of tea is a toss-up between sugar cookie sleigh ride or ginger😀

  12. Danielle

    I would like to have a spiralizer and some good knives!

  13. fitandfortysomething

    oh i love this! my fav tea of all time is tazo passion tea🙂

  14. My favourite kind of tea is coconut chocolate!

  15. i love green tea. simple and so good for you!

  16. no way, would this be your 1st give away? congrats!!!!!

    Ill take some $150 each knives. that’s my wish list

  17. fave kind of tea.
    really cheap constant comment from the grocery store. i love that stuff.

  18. tori

    Moody Brews Acklins Chai is delicious!

  19. My favorite tea of late is Yogi Green Chai.

  20. Cool! I love Sugar Cookie Sleigh Ride, but gotta admit, can’t beat plain ol’ green tea!

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  22. fitandfortysomething

    i just linked this in my post this morning!

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  24. i love green tea. i’ll drink peppermint from time to time, but green tea can suffice for any type of day or time of year!

  25. how on earth can i choose just one thing from the site? i would choose another fondue pot. we have one and were just talking about having a party, where we need two in order to have that many people!

  26. Nicky Haynes

    Well, I am excited to see this tea press. I LOVE LOVE LOVE tea. My favorite is Echinacea tea with a dab of honey swirled in. I have tried some of the loose leaf teas and I am entrigued by the healthful benefits added by the loose leaf teas. By leaving the tea leaves whole, we can take advantage of some of the essential oils that may evaporate when they are broken up and put into tea bags.
    So while I am spilling my guts, I guess I will also state that my ideal kitchen gadget would be a steamer for my veggies.
    And there you have it. So pick me, pick me!!!. Love your blog!

  27. I love Meditative Mind tea by the Tea Spot!🙂

  28. My cookware.com wishlist consists of the Le Creuset cast iron wok in red. I would love to have this but it’s pretty expensive….

  29. And OMG I want all that kitchen stuff!! But I could really use a grilling pan right now

  30. My favorite tea is, hands down, earl grey. It goes perfectly with everything!

  31. At the top of my wishlist is a Le Creuset dutch oven!

  32. Janet

    Being of English decent, (my mom/mum grew up in London) I love my tea! All sorts actually. I grew up having tea time right before supper ~ a cuppa Earl Grey brewed in an authentic English pot covered in a tea cozy to keep the tea “cozy warm”. We would end supper with a second cup. I still drink the “regular stuff” but also don’t start my day of teaching 1st grade w/o my Stash Organic Green Tea. Even my students know my routine! I would LOVE to try this pot as I have never seen one of these before.

  33. alexis

    i love iced berry white teas and hot chai!

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  35. Carolsue

    My favorite kind of tea is English Breakfast Tea

  36. Carolsue

    Well, I’ve always wanted one of these Tea Presses; but from Cookware.com, I also want the Cuisinart 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

  37. Carolsue

    I posted your contest on my Blog

  38. I am such a tea drinker! I love all mint teas and really fruity teas!

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  40. My favorite tea is Chamomile; I’ll drink any kind, but I think I’m a little partial to Lipton’s Cozy Chamomile.

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  42. carmen

    Oh my favorite kind of tea, hands down, is Chai. so perfect in the winter, too!

  43. carmen

    My kitchen wishlist? Le Creuset skillets and cookware. (http://www.csnstores.com/Le-Creuset-L2024-1620-LEC1786.html) Also a food dehydrator like this one:
    http://www.cookware.com/Nesco-American-Harvest-FD-35-WT-2-LM-2-6-SLD-2-6-NCO1071.html I also would like to get all-glass tupperware (http://www.csnstores.com/Kinetic-01351-KTC1083.html). Phew! I could go on and on…🙂

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