“peanut the suns are on!”

That is my explanation for why this post is going to be fast. Have I mentioned that I am SO ready for the NBA season to be over? Longest. Season. Ever. The Suns play pretty much every other day. I’m very ready for much more civilized sports like football (Go Pack Go!) to start up again…

Anyways both work and my lunch were pretty uneventful today

I thought the green tupperware was a nice “earth day” touch. Rice cakes topped with almond butter, honey, and banana.

Dinner, however, was infinitely more exciting. I knew I wanted to use the leftover flat bread from my dinner out the other night and some of the polenta I had in the fridge. And thus, flat bread polenta pizza was born

Flat bread topped with pesto, sauteed spinach and polenta, with a little feta on top. Obviously, parsnip fries were involved. I loved every tasty bite.

I’m currently sipping on some tea (last day for my giveaway! I’m picking the winner before my first post tomorrow morning!), sneaking a bite of John’s banana bread, and cheering for the Suns! Night all!


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5 responses to ““peanut the suns are on!”

  1. I hope your suns did well!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That dinner looks awesome, I really need to try parsnip fries!

  3. fitandfortysomething

    happy friday girl and enjoy the salsa festival!

  4. Danielle

    haha enjoy the Suns😉

    Flat bread polenta pizza….geniusss

  5. Your din is delicious! Flat bread polenta pizza- amazing. You are so so creative, I’m always impressed with the tasty combos you create! Have a lovely weekend, my dear!

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