so many good things

This morning started off with a drizzly 6.5 mile run along a lake. I took some pictures on my phone, but I’m feeling a little lazy, so those will have to be saved for later. My legs were feeling strong, so I kept a 8:05 pace. We loaded up the family roadster and headed to pick my brother up from the airport. The last time my parents, brother, grandma, and I were all in a car together? We were living in England and I was a sophomore in high school. Amazing. On our way up to Madison we stopped to see my dad’s brother at work.

Me, my padre, my Uncle Brad, and my brother Marshall. My uncle made this sculpture.

Pretty nifty, huh?

When we finally got to Madison we had two things on the brain. 1. Food

2. Nap

A Starbucks was definitely in order. Also in order? Meeting up with HOLLY!

I think “love at first sight” accurately describes my feelings for this lady. We meet up on State Street and wandered around before having another love at first sight moment

Cheese curds. Welcome to Wisconsin my friends. They were worth every ooey gooey bite. And we definitely polished them all off. I also made a small dent in my salmon salad with pickled beets

After dins we hit up the most magical place on Earth… Anthropologie. Time for a fashion show.

and a salsa fest

(Holly looked smoking hot in this outfit by the way.) Then I had a Betty Draper moment.

And tried to snag myself a sailor

Can you figure out which outfit I got? That will just have to wait my friends. After this we had to bid adieu, but we have big plans for a big run in the morning…

Time for me to hit the hay! Tomorrow I’ve got a run with Holly and my cousin Jess is getting hitched!


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13 responses to “so many good things

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  2. hi!

    i too love holly, and shopping, and food…so basically, i wish i had been in WI with you kids.

    nice to “meet” you🙂

  3. Just found your blog from holly!
    Looks great-come check out mine!

  4. I love those pictures…you are so cute! Have a fun weekend!!!

  5. Sooo jealous of you guys…fried cheese AND Anthro? Totally cute pictures. Holly needs to come visit the desert sometime…

  6. Ahhh I’m so jealous you got to meet Holly!! And I’m jealous Holly got to meet you! I’m just jealous, lol. Glad you’re having such a good time

  7. Ahhhhh, I love Anthro. I could live there (if they wouldn’t call security).

  8. Omg best post ever!
    First the Holly meetup looks great and CHEESE CURDS being a MN girl, that’s a staple of my childhood. Staple. They even sell them at the Mall of America at the MN State Fair “restaurant” so all year you can partake in fried cheese. God, it’s the simple things.

    The sculpture. Reminds me of something I would see in a cool artsy little town, in the middle of no where, in a shop for sale. Handmade by the owner. Another thing that reminds me of childhood.

    And the Anthro trip. My vote is the red/white skirt and black top. That looks like you.

    Your dad. So young looking. I think Scott is older than your dad🙂

    HAVE A GREAT TIME at the Wedding and on the rest of your Trip!


  9. yes, i agree. so many good things – sexycat included🙂

  10. I LOVE Anthro! My friends joke that it’s a vortex for me…I go in, I may never come out…😉 I bet you got the top dress. Everything you tried on was adorable though – too hard to choose just one!

  11. So. how many cool bloggers have you met already? Holly is one fine lady…and so are you!🙂

    Holy cow. CHEESE CURDS!!! An item on my “Must try before I die” list!!!

  12. I’m so jealous of your meet-up!! It looks like you’re having a great time with the fam😀

  13. I think that you got the green dress!!!

    That skirt on Holly is SO nice!! I love it!! It looks great on her🙂

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