slicing and dicing

First off, check out my interview on Susan’s blog! How jealous am I that her and Holly are off on a Banff adventure? Ummmm… really freaking jealous.

Apparently everyone and their mom needed new running shoes today because we sold TONS of them! Fitting people into shoes is probably my favorite part of the job (that and talking about whatever races/adventures they have coming up!), so I definitely did not mind. However, you spend a lot of time with customers when you are doing this, so I was most certainly ready for a little solo eating time when lunch rolled around

Roasted veggies, chick peas, and broccoli hanging out on a bed of spinach and feta. I dig it.

John is out with the fellas tonight, so I decided to declare tonight a “me” night. I have had to close a lot this week, which means I don’t get home until close to 9. The last thing I feel like doing at 9 is cook a “real” dinner, so I usually slap dash something together. Tonight I wanted to COOK. Sweet potato and chick pea curry fit the bill.

I sauteed up some onions and zucchini (from John’s garden!)

Then I cheated and microwaved the sweet potato for a couple of minutes to give it a head start

Into the pan went the sweet potato, chopped up baby peppers, chick peas, tumeric, curry powder, and 1/2 c light coconut milk

I let it do it’s thing while I worked on my dessert… Lets just say these were involved

My hands are super line-y. Can anyone read palms and tell me what that means?

After a few minutes my dinner was ready and I was stoooooked

This was goooood. I always forget how quick and easy curries are! Coconut milk is definitely the key here. I made enough for two meals, so you may just be seeing this tomorrow for lunch…

What was dessert? Well, remember when I made blueberry ginger banana softserve? Well, how about fresh blackberry ginger banana softserve?

My friends, if you like ginger, you NEED to try this. It gives the soft serve the perfect kick! The blackberries made it the prettiest shade of purple pretty much ever.

Now it is time for me to catch up on Friday Night Lights and ready myself for an early morning run! Good night!


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7 responses to “slicing and dicing

  1. ha ha – i wanna go to a palm reader sometimes too.

  2. Your dinner sounds so awesome!
    And that soft serve…I’ve got to make some, it’s perfect for this heat

  3. When I first read “Banff adventure,” my mind misread it as “Batman adventure.” Ha.

    Me nights are the best sometimes🙂

  4. Palm reading, have totally had it done in Vegas🙂 when drunk LOL. I think your palms say that you have good things in store for you in the short term future🙂

    Love blackberries but the seeds always get lodged in my teeth. Forever!

    Off to check out your guestie. And yes, so jealz of those two girls hanging out in bamff. Oh the fun we could all have!

  5. Katherine: What About Summer?

    I’ve never thought of blackberry soft-serve! you have a beautiful mind there

  6. That curry dish sounds fantastic!! I love curries made with coconut milk.

  7. fitandfortysomething

    i love that you declared this a me night…….great choice on dinner. i have started using sweet potatoes more because of you-though i have not had it smothered in almond butter yet……gonna make it happen this week! have a great me night! wait maybe that was last night…..oooppps.

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