a very irish italian evening

After I left you guys today I had a very important phone call and what did I do while on said important phone call? I baked bread. Weird? Maybe, but it helped calm my nerves and at the end of the call I had a delicious loaf of Irish Brown Bread and the possibility of good things on the horizon (of course, I won’t know the outcome of this call for a few weeks, which is already driving me bonkers, but such is life). We lived in England my sophomore year of high school and during my Easter break we went to Ireland for the full two weeks. While we were there I practically lived off of brown bread. In fact, I don’t actually remember eating anything else.

I looked at a few recipes online before deciding to go with this one, mostly because I was intrigued by the fact that it uses nonfat plain yogurt in lieu of oil, eggs, and milk.

Oooooh yeah. Soda breads are super easy and quick since there is no yeast involved. From adding the first ingredient to taking this out of the oven it took less than an hour. I will definitely be making this again.

As a part of Foodbuzz’s Tastemakers program I was sent a coupon to pick up one of Buitoni’s refrigerated pastas.

I went with the whole wheat three cheese tortellini. A meal like this definitely needed to be shared, so I called my favorite Italian, Kellyn, over to chat, eat, drink wine, and watch Bravo with me. She brought the wine

Since it was kind of warm, we decided to use frozen strawberries to chill it. Classy? You betcha.

For dinner I sauteed up onion, broccoli, spinach, and pesto to add to the pasta

My hat is off to you Buitoni. I’m not really a pasta person, but I really enjoyed this. It was super quick to cook and it was whole wheat pasta that didn’t taste like whole wheat pasta (which both Kellyn and I really enjoyed). I would definitely look into getting this again because I think John would be a huge fan.

Kellyn gave it two thumbs up. In addition to bringing the wine, she also brought the dessert…

Hells bells. I’m not normally a decadent dessert person (give me ice cream and I’m a very happy girl) but this was gooooood. It was a super dense brownie with a cream cheese type frosting. We each probably ate a third and moaned through every bite. This was a lot heavier of a meal than I normally go for, but we kept the portions on the smaller end and both ended the night with happy bellies.

On that note, it is time for me to watch the newest installment of Bethenny Getting Married? (I’m kind of perplexed on the question mark thing) and get myself ready for ANOTHER day off!


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12 responses to “a very irish italian evening

  1. The bread recipe looks great! I never make bread because I am too lazy to do the yeast thing. Sad but true. Might have to give this one a try though!!

  2. Oh wow – that bread looks fantastic. Love the frozen strawberry in the wine. I need to try that out this weekend😉

  3. OMG that cheesecake brownie looks delicious. I have been craving decadent desserts like whoaaa lately. I told my sister that she has to go to dairy queen with me this weekend – I need a blizzard!🙂

  4. fitandfortysomething

    oh yum that bread looks fab…..can’t wait to hear what might be new in madeline’s life……

  5. Looks like a great bread recipe and that cake…MMMMMM!

  6. So yummy! I had a great time. We need more dinner dates!

  7. I love Italian food so much – all the pasta and bread makes me feel like I am in heaven!!! I could live on pasta and bread. And cheese. Gotta have cheese!

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