you’re addicted to love

Or running. As I write this I’m watching a TLC show called “My Strange Addiction” and one of the guys they are profiling is literally addicted to running. He started running 4 years ago and currently runs over 100 miles a week (which is certainly not out of the ordinary for an elite runner) and now his relationships and work are really starting to suffer. I know I should probably put a question at the end of this post instead of the top of the post, but this really has me thinking. When does training enter the obsession category? I know I’ve moved my schedule around so I can fit in runs and workouts and I know that rest days are hard for me, but I still take them. When I was a freshman in college I would go WEEKS before taking a rest day, which led to multiple stress fractures and a long hiatus from running. Maybe I am now addicted to injury prevention? (There is another girl on this show who tans outdoors 10+ hours a week and also goes to tanning booths MULTIPLE times a day. That’s a post for a different day.)

Anyway, today I was addicted to the giant organic peaches I picked up at the farmer’s market on Saturday

It made a pretty fabulous topper to my cereal, Greek yogurt, and banana combo. Work was uneventful today. No crazies, pretty steady, and lots of little tasks kept me busy and it was over before I knew it.

When I got home I used up the last of my fresh veggies to make my dinner

It is most definitely the night before a grocery store trip! Tuna salad (tuna, spicy mustard, sliced pickle, carrots, pepper) in a whole wheat pita and some roasted brussels. Even though this was a weird dinner totally thrown together on the fly (I actually had something else planned, but realized I didn’t have any of the ingredients. Awesome) it was delicious! I think some noochy popcorn is in my future…

In case you were wondering how your body feels the day after running 16 miles, it’s surprisingly okay! My upper back is actually more sore than my legs, which is odd, but it makes me feel confident that I will rock Saturday’s 18 miler. Now it’s time for me to find out the fate of the running addict! Night friends


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11 responses to “you’re addicted to love

  1. I can’t imagine being addicted to running – I just wished I liked running!

  2. i can never get my pita to be stuffed at home – they always fall apart!!!

  3. I can always tell when I need to hit up the grocery store because the veggies in my meals start to dwindle! And good luck at your race this weekend – I’m sure you’ll rock it (:

  4. I can see how exercise can be addicting. I’m with you on being obsessed with injury prevention though and taking those rest days regardless! Maybe you weren’t relaxed enough in the upper back during the run – tensing up? I tend to do that in my shoulders and they’ll start aching terribly.

  5. Weird, my back is usually more stiff after long runs too!! I always attributed it to my camelbak, but maybe we’re just really tense up there when we run.

    I definitely rely on the endorphins I get from exercise. I took 5 days off a couple weeks ago and I felt like craaaaap. Almost like I was in a hazy daze and not myself. But I’m also terrified of injury as well, and know that overtraining can be more harmful than not training at all. The only thing I’m addicted to these days is peanut butter😉

  6. AWESOME on the run! ROCKSTAR!

  7. omg 100 miles a week? that’s so much! I do about a third of that but it’s not all running, some is power walking with scott and it’s conversational, not totally training hard core or anything.

    have a great day my friend and hang in there!!!!

  8. Wow I’ve never heard of that show! And glad you are feeling great after your 16 miler!

  9. I’m glad you’re feeling good after the 16-miler! I know what you mean about having a sore back…that happened to me too. Enter: yoga

    Over 100 miles a week?? Dayummm. I think people can be addicted to endorphins (because it’s a chemical) and running is a good way to release them. So yeah, I think you can be addicted to running!

  10. I always see the same dang people running around tucson, almost every. single. day. THOSE guys should be on this tv episode.. like ridic, scary skinny people that are addicted to running. i’m just happy that you at least compensate your (semi) addiction with running with lots of delicious food!

  11. Well- there are certainly worse things to be addicted to…like tanning haha. I think its okay to rearrange your schedule when training etc, as long as you are still like doing social things and having a life beyond running. But who knows where the exact line is…

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