short and amazing

First amazing thing? I had a baking epiphany today. We were standing around at work when all of a sudden I shouted “Oh my God! I could make pumpkin beer bread!” After everyone turned and looked at me like I was a crazy person, I quickly realized that this may be my best idea ever. Of course, even the best laid plans have some hurdles and trying to find pumpkin beer after 7pm on a Sunday (because you know, when genius strikes it needs to be acted on immediately) is pretty hard. Finally I found a place that was open, but they only had a Blue Moon variety pack. Did I really need 12 beers? Well, no, but I did REALLY need 1 pumpkin beer, so a sacrifice was made.

Yeah, this was clearly a massive tragedy.

I used the same recipe I used the last time I made beer bread, but it was made way better with this little fella.

The results?


There really and truly are no words. And in case you were curious as to whether or not my hunger came back today… I ate three pieces fresh out of the oven. So, yes. Yes it did. I will miss the ability to pack away things like freshly baked bread like it ain’t no thang when my weekends are no longer full of 20 mile training runs…

But speaking of amazing, Danielle won my one year anniversary giveaway! Shoot me an email girl!

And now it’s time for me to devote my full attention to the VMAs. Do they even show music videos on MTV any more?


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18 responses to “short and amazing

  1. pumpkin beer bread…that is SO MADELINE! just like etsy and anthro are you, i even know your foodie likes. if only you could incorporate some roasted squash or pancakes in there., you’d be all set🙂

    congrats to Danielle, lucky lil devil!!🙂

  2. Love the melty butter pic, looks delicious!

  3. I want to eat this NOW!!! And WITH a pumpkin beer, even though it’s only 8:30, ha.

  4. Pumpkin + beer + bread? You are a genius. It sounds like it is definitely worth the sacrifice a Blue Moon beer.

  5. Um wow. That sounds delicious! I need to get on making some fresh baked bread.. i just feel like it would be dangerous in my house!🙂

  6. Yum!! I love that idea…I might have to go pick up some new beers to try it out. BTW, I made beer bread on Friday- check out my post from over the weekend over on my blog. I added a lil’ somethin somethin to it and it was great!

  7. gahhh! looks good. i❤ pumpkin. i❤ beer.

  8. I am so jealous right now, words will not suffice.

  9. Beer bread. I have been seeing this everywhere! Is it time to jump on the band wagon?? Maybe so.

    And p.s. count yourself lucky that beer is even SOLD on sundays where you live. Don’t get me started.

  10. Pumpkin beer bread and melted butter? Doesn’t seem like there’s much better than that!

  11. WOW!!!! ur drunken bread looks mighty happy hanging out in its robust body haha❤

  12. I haven’t come across a bear bread I didn’t like. It seriously is the answer to all bread questions. I used a guinness the other day and my husband about had a heart attack even though he can’t drink them anymore (he has celiac). He said to save the good beers for company…who knew. Cranberry Lambic makes an incredible holiday bread too! Looks delicious!

  13. Gaaah pumpkin beer bread! I want I want. I wish we had Blue/Harvest moon in Canada😦

  14. Pumpkin beer bread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????? Girl, I am jealous that I didn’t come up with this GENIUS idea🙂 I am also now even more unhappy that they do not sell pumpkin beer in my city😦 Gahhhhh!

  15. I don’t really know much about making beer bread, but I absolutely LOVE harvest moon. That is probably the only good thing about the fall.

  16. blue moon is my fave beer! although i have never cooked with it… must learn how to do so immediately!!!

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