lace up your shoes

Grab your running shoes friends, because today, we’re going out for a run around my neighborhood (okay, well, it’s not MY neighborhood anymore, but it was for almost 20 years, so that has to count for something).

Lucky for us, the weather is perfect, and my legs remember the way!

We’ll start by running up by KU’s football stadium, which is a mere block away. Homecoming is this weekend, so you can count on some quality drinking happening on campus, and at least one drunken student to tell you how good you look while running. I’ll take the ego boost.

You are kind enough to not laugh too hard when I stumble on all of the brick sidewalks in Old West

I don’t escape as easily when I slip on wet leaves a little while later… I’m not the most aware runner sometimes.

Because it’s Kansas, I’m not too surprised we have to stop for a train

The conductor gave us a thumbs up when we waved in case you were curious.

I also route us towards my favorite historic landmark

Hugh Cameron was a bit of an odd duck. An abolitionist, free stater and early suffragist, Cameron spent much of the last 40 years of his life as a recluse, only coming out of his cave (in the literal, not figurative, sense) every four years to make a trek by foot to the Inauguration in Washington D.C.. He lived in a tree house on this spot for the last two years of his life.

Onward towards the Kansas River! There is currently a breast cancer awareness campaign going on that I wanted to check out…

Gotta love it

After a brief foray across the Kaw, we headed towards home, but not without making a detour through the train park

And marveling at how pretty the trees are

At this point we realize that we are locked out of my parents house and have to borrow a neighbor’s copy to get in through the backdoor. Whoops.

Now, I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve just ran 6 miles, and I could really use a shower, so I’ll catch you on the flip! Make it a great day!


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13 responses to “lace up your shoes

  1. Love the brick sidewalks🙂 Beautiful day for a run!

  2. Wow what a pretty run! Pictures like that make me miss the country.

  3. I’m impressed that you are running and taking pictures. I’ve also fallen SO many times running, it is embarrassing really. I’m a danger to myself and others.

    Stopping at Target tonight for some new boots…thanks for the fashion advice!

  4. We have the same type of breast cancer campaign in my city, and we call it “bras across the bridge.”

  5. i know your workout must have sucked with all that stopping for pic taking. Omg you wanted to kill yourself for “humoring your readers” at least once during the run no doubt. I have done that on walks even…and it sucks. Or mid recipe to wipe hands to get a decent shot.

    But I LOVE SEEING where you grew up.

    1 block from KU and homecoming weekend…omg you’re gonna have a crazy one🙂

    thank you for your email, yes everyone thinks they’ve got a better way…mmm, hmmm. Sure🙂

  6. Ooooh. I dig the brick sidewalks! I want some of my own….:)

  7. Gorgeous pictures🙂 For some reason I never pictured Kansas looking exactly like that…I pictured it being less green. How cold does it get there in the winter?

  8. Wow, only in Kansas is a run this interesting. I wonder why Dorothy and toto never went for runs, well, none that we know of.

  9. Phew, I’m exhausted from that run!😉 Purrrty pics!

  10. What a beautiful place to run. I love walking for exercise, so this would be a perfect location for that too.

  11. It is always fun to go back to your old stomping ground! It is beautiful there! I hope you are having a great weekend!

  12. So fun! I love the brick pathways and the trees. I’m obsessed with fall trees right now:) pretty!

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