dancing heart

My high school choir teacher used to always tell us to do “whatever made our little hearts dance.” Now, at the time I thought this was supremely cheesy. Now I find myself using it all the time. So, here are some things that are making my heart dance these days. (Click on pictures for all links!)

  • long underwear. I know this sounds ridiculous, but this time of year I pretty much live in mine. As I type this I am wearing long underwear under my pajamas (gotta love working from home). Bonus points if yours are cute.
  • my personal trainer. I promise to write more about this one of these days, but Phil is my new favorite person. Did I mention he’s a runner training for the Olympics? Yeah, he’s kind of awesome. I’m already noticing a big difference in my body, plus, I actually can lift things heavier than a feather now.
  • trashy tv. Always and forever. Poor Colin is such a trooper. I can’t even tell you the kind of deals I had to strike to get him to agree on watching the Bachelor with me.
  • secrets. I’ve got some I can’t wait to spill! (Secrets secrets are no fun, I know. Sorry friends).
  • neck gaiters. Colin’s sister got this for me for Christmas and I LOVE it. Mine is a beautiful green color and I have been wearing it constantly.
  • these boots. Now, a few months ago I “accidentally” bought two pairs of these boots (the above color and a dark purple. yay for employee discounts). I wear them ALL. THE. TIME. They’re leather and WATERPROOF. And super comfortable. I wear them all over Philly and we walk a lot, so that’s saying something. Extra bonus? They are half off right now (and an extra 20% off the sale price). So you should probably buy a pair.

What’s making your heart dance these days? Make it a great one my friends!


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11 responses to “dancing heart

  1. Doug bought me base layer/long underwear for camping, but I find myself wearing it everywhere (underneath things of course). Super comfy and I want 14 more pairs of them. Those boots, too!


  2. Ooh I LOVE everything! You seem so happy now & I’ve been reading your blog since you were in PHX working your old job hating it. I feel like I am now in that same position you were & it fills my heart with hope reading about your fun adventures and positive outlook. 🙂

    p.s. I want to see a pic of those boots! Last time I checked those boots weren’t on 3point5😦 <-yes I work in the biz too. BUT since they're on sale I might have to grab a pair!

  3. you’ve convinced me. i’m getting those boots!

  4. Janet

    What website do you buy the boots on?

  5. well no my ears are dancing because they want to know! you silly girl, making us sweat the secret.

  6. Oooohhhh love those boots. And I’m a firm believer in long underwear. I actually wear my base layer running tops frequently to work under sweaters and then wear footless leggings under my pants. I’m always cold. And secrets??? No fair😉

  7. Cutest winter fashion finds ever! I am glad it’s 81F here or I’d be tempted to shop online$$ 🙂

  8. I love that scarf! I’m all over chunky scarves like that right now. Trying not to be jealous of your trainer!

  9. Secrets…you are so mean! I am living in long underwear too! I need cuter ones now! Love those boots too! Super cute. Sounds like you’re good and l love hearing that!

  10. I think I can guess what secret(s) you may have. Hint: J. Crew.

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