the story

Thank you all SO much for your sweet emails, tweets, texts, and phone calls. Colin and I couldn’t be happier! He is the best guy in the world and I really can’t believe that I’m lucky enough to have snagged him.

The story of the proposal goes back about a month. We have been joking forever about marriage and some time in early December we came to the mutual decision that we should just do it. Such a modern couple, huh? When we went to Lawrence we started looking at engagement rings. We told my parents and brother and called his mom and step dad to let them know we were looking (or “engaged to be engaged”). We found a couple of things we liked, but nothing that we LOVED. We left Kansas empty handed, but our families were already bubbling over with excitement and I’m pretty sure my mom bit off part of her tongue to keep from telling people. Side bar- it is SO hard to not tell everyone you know when you are so excited about something but need to keep it a secret!

One of the first days we were back in Philly we were walking around the city and passed through Jeweler’s Row (yes, there is a whole section of the city devoted to diamonds). On a whim we popped into a shop and tried on settings and discussed stones (I knew I didn’t want a diamond and that I was much more of a sapphire girl, thank you Kate Middleton). The woman we met with was INCREDIBLY helpful and she really listened to what we wanted and didn’t want and we ended up with the ring you saw on the last post. On Saturday Colin bought the ring, but they have to remake it to fit my finger (I have small fingers, who knew?!) because simply resizing the ring would probably bend the halo and not let the stone fit in just right (the things you learn!), so the ring won’t be ready until February 1st. Boo.

We know we don’t want a long engagement (my parents are doing some traveling this year and will be in and out of the country), so we decided to go ahead and be engaged sans ring for a couple of weeks BUT I told Colin he still had to pop the question. I didn’t want to tell anyone until it was “official” and I needed to hear those magical words (apparently, I am a little bit traditional after all). So, Saturday, after walking around the city together (it was gorgeous here in Philadelphia) Colin led me to the place we first met. As soon as we turned down the street I knew exactly what was happening and we both started giggling. He said some really lovely things, shed a tear or two, and then asked if I would marry him. I obviously said “of course!” and there you have it. We are “officially” engaged. He didn’t hire a sky writer or organize a flash mob but it was perfect for us and I couldn’t be happier.

We have no date set or venue set, but like I said, it will probably be soon (this summer!), small, and casual (“preppy casual” as Colin keeps saying). So, all systems go on wedding planning!

Thanks again for all of your love and support! Make it a great Monday my friends!


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21 responses to “the story

  1. That is the cutest story ever! I like that you still made him pop the question😉 hehe and I’m sure the sapphire ring is GORGEOUS!🙂 Good luck to you both!

  2. I actually got teary eyed reading about the proposal part! And I don’t even know you! What a sweet, sweet story. Congratulations and all the best to you two!

  3. Ryan and I kind of did the same thing– picked out my ring together, talked about getting engaged a LOT before it happened– and I liked it that way!

    Y’all are going to throw a heck of a cute wedding. 🙂

  4. You two are such a modern couple; it’s like ‘New Girl’ except real life!

  5. This is the best engagement story I’ve heard in a long time. I love the ring, byt he way.

  6. Eeeeeeee (again)!! I love that you did the proposal/engagement “your” way – and I’m sure you’ll plan and throw a killer wedding in the ways that really matter most to you both. You two are so freaking cute!

  7. Kelsey

    I know I already texted you but I am SO HAPPY for the two of you! I’m so, so glad that you guys found each other (in the city that I love and adore and miss terribly already) and I just wanted to say CONGRATS again! xoxo

  8. So happy for you both!!🙂


  10. We had an EXTREMELY small wedding and I’m glad we did it that way. I can’t wait to see what you do. I am still so stinkin’ excited for you two!

  11. Danforth? Or a boat so you can both wear Sperry s. Or my fave place VEGAS.

  12. What a great story, so happy for you two!!!

  13. I just started crying tears of joy and am beyond happy for you. This summer, not waiting, not a long drawn-out engagement; just doing it. Awesome. Thrilled for you. I moved across the country with Scott after a month of dating and 6 mos later we were married. 12-13 years and a kid later, we look back on those early days fondly.

    I am ecstatic for you! Seriously…you deserve all the happiness in the world b/c you have a heart of gold!


  14. This sounds a lot like Eric and my engagement- we also picked out the ring together and we even looked a wedding place before I officially had the ring, I felt a little sketchy but it was okay for us🙂 Our engagement was also low key but perfect for us. I know you two will have a fantastic preppy-casual wedding! I told Eric this morning about your news and he’s like “whoa whoa whoa, I am behind on her life” haha🙂 oops! I need to schedule time for blogger updates for him apparently.

  15. if you decide to get married in philly, might i recommend citizens bank park? my sister-in-law was the first couple to be married there – it was AWESOME

  16. Eileen

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Your story (so far) has been a wonderful love story to follow. I’m sure amazing things await you!

    p.s. We got engaged in Philly, outside the Valley Green Inn.

  17. I’m late to the party, but congratulations!!! That’s so exciting! 😀

  18. What a cute story🙂 I love that you told your family that you were looking for rings, and that you decided together to get married – very modern indeed, yet also very romantic. Happy wedding planning!!!!!

  19. Congrats! I’m a sapphire girl too.😉 Eeekkkk!!!! Sooo exciting!!!🙂

  20. I’m late on this, but congratulations!! 2011 was such a big year of change for you and I’m so happy it ended with excitement🙂

  21. Congrats you crazy kids!!! I’ve been reading since your Phoenix days and it’s been so neat to hear about your relationship with Colin grow from the sidelines. You really deserve all the happiness in the world – plus I know you’ll be one stylish bride😉 xoxoxo

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