This was the hardest thing for us to decide as we were wedding planning. Our family and friends live all over the US (VA, AZ, CA, KS, WI, MA, RI, NH), so there wasn’t an easy answer. We priced out Wisconsin breweries, New Hampshire beaches, a Philly wedding, and even discussed just walking to the courthouse. My mom suggested the Circle S Ranch, which is just outside of my hometown of Lawrence, KS.

We had held my grandpa’s 75th birthday party there when I was in high school and I remembered it being beautiful. So, we looked into it. The more we researched the more we realized how perfect it would be for us. 30 of our guests could stay out there with us (it is also a bed and breakfast), we could do EVERYTHING on site (rehearsal, rehearsal dinner, ceremony, and reception), they hvae fantastic food, AND they had farm animals everywhere- buffalo, horses, pigs, sheep, long horned cattle, donkeys, and the world’s sweetest golden retriever.

Best of all? It was actually incredibly reasonably priced and well within our budget!

My mom drove out several times while we were making our decision and sent us lots of pictures. We signed on the dotted line to reserve our date without Colin ever having been out there and the fact that I had been there once over 10 years ago!

(leading down to our ceremony site)

We flew to Kansas for a long weekend in March to check some things off of our list, most importantly, visit the ranch and do a tasting! It was love at first sight. The rooms were beautiful, the ceremony site was perfect, the people were warm and friendly (gotta love the Midwest!), and the food knocked our socks off. The fact that the chef was committed to locally sourcing as much of the ingredients for our meals as possible was really just the icing on the cake.

(Colin taking advantage of one of the ranch’s many swings. And enjoying one of the many Sonic cherry limeaids we consumed over our wedding weekend.)

I really can’t recommend the Circle S Ranch enough. It was a truly magical place to get married (I can’t WAIT to show you more pictures!) and the staff were a dream to work with.



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7 responses to “venue

  1. Looks like the perfect place to me! I bet it was magical!

  2. what a perfect story and a perfect venue, for YOU two (sight unseen and sight seen once, 10 yrs ago!)

  3. Awesome – I really love when people pick places with meaning not just because it’s the fancy schmancy kind of place.

  4. It’s my dream to get married on a ranch, I hope to find one as convenient as yours, with everything happening on site. Love the swings!

  5. Aw I can’t wait for more pictures!!!🙂

  6. I am convinced you two had the most perfect wedding🙂 Can’t wait to see more and more and more pictures! I want to see them all!

  7. So glad the recaps are starting! 🙂

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